This Prayer is requested by Our Blessed Mother for each day.


(By Myriam-van-nazareth)

"Dear Mother Mary, Dawn of true hope, ever since the original sin, man has allowed the sanctifying effects of the sun from God's Heart to miss their goal. Within the souls, who were created as trees of Divine Life, leaf after leaf is withering, and but few fruits stil reach the ripeness of true heavenly food for God's Works.  Because all Works of Divine Justice and Mercy, of God's Love and Wisdom, are timeless, their effects are like waves irrigating all centuries with the water of Divine Life.  Therefore O Mistress of all souls and Bridge between Heaven and earth, I lay at Your feet the history of all mankind throughout the ages, and I beg You: Bury in Your Immaculate Heart all sins, confessed or not, which human souls have committed against God and His creatures throughout the ages.   Bury in Your Immaculate Heart each expression of hatred, egoism, vengefulness, irreconcilability, discord, and any form of physical and moral suffering that souls have inflicted upon one another throughout the ages.  Bury in Your Immaculate Heart each occasion on which souls in all centuries have succumbed to temptations and misguidance in any form whatsoever.   Bury in Your Immaculate Heart all wars of all times, and all injustice and misery which have ensued from them.   Bury in Your Immaculate Heart each expression, throughout the ages, of resistance against the signs of God's Light.   I entrust to You: all blood which has ever been shed by human souls, and any act and any word through which human souls throughout the ages have turned themselves or others away from God's Law, from His Plans and Works and thus have surrendered God's Kingdom to the works of destruction wrought by the darkness.   O Mary, Immaculate Queen of Heaven and earth, I consecrate to You all human souls of all times, all paths of human lives and any derogation from God's Law throughout the ages, and I beg You to weild the infinite power of Your compensating Love.  Please do immerse all of this in the redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ and in Your coredeeming Tears, so that satan may even now be robbed of the indeterminable fruits he has reaped in the souls' gardens throughout the ages, and that the effects of his works of darkness may still be annihilated in the omnipotence of Divine Love and Divine Light.   For this pleading to be heard, and as an act of reparation for the innumerable sins of the world of all times, I surrender to You my entire being and my whole life in total, unconditional and everlasting consecration."    Our Father.   Hail Mary.    Glory be.