Prayers Given by Heaven to the Polish Prophet for before and after the Warning.(32)

1.My dearest Jesus, take away the human laws which are against God's Law.

2.My dearest Father, we beg You, take away with Your Light of the Gift of Signs, the dangerous cloud over humanity.

3.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, take away the plans of building a temple in Jerusalem for antichrist.

4.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, take away human and satanic darkness before Your Coming.

5.My dearest Father, we beg You, may Your Divine Providence in this our time, surround in a special way our earth and humanity.

6.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, save all the countries and people of the world.

7.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, may Muslims accept their Saviour Jesus Christ at the general confession of humanity.

8.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, may Your people recognise You present in The Holy Host.

9.My dearest Eucharistic Jesus, we beg You, save all people.

My dearest Jesus present in The Holy Eucharist, we beg You, may humanity accept Your Holy Love.

10.My dearest Eucharistic Jesus, we beg You, for humanity to come to You, to adore Your Majesty in The Holy Host.

11.My dearest Saviour, Jesus Christ, accept this time of our Lent as a penance for our sins.

12.My dearest Saviour, Jesus Christ, I beg You accept the suffering of humanity as a penance for the sins of humanity of this era.

13.My dearest Saviour Jesus Christ, we beg You, may Your Prayer on the Way of the Cross and the suffering of everyone, bring the salvation of the soul of man.

14.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, may nations and peoples forgive each other.

15.My dearest Jesus, we beg You, may brother forgive brother before Your Coming.

16.My,our dearest Father in Heaven, I kneel before Your Majesty, I offer in this preparation time for the confesson of humanity the martyrdom of Your holy English sons, the Faith of the Fathers of Your country.I ask our Mother in Walsingham for Her intercession to God the Father. I am asking all English Saints in Heaven to pray with me.

17.My,our Father, I love You, we love You, I adore You, we adore You, I thank You, we thank You for the help before our confession.



Message from Jesus Christ to The Polish Prophet given at Pantasaph Friary. 1st Sunday of Lent 26th Feb 2012.


"My Children of the world, your Jesus, Lord, speaks to you through My Bronia, the Prophet of leading humanity to My Second Coming as Judge and Saviour of mankind. My Bronia has worked with Me, at My side, and with My Saints in Heaven, by total obedience and humility to My Holy Word and Prayers given to her by her Spouse.  Her mission to save humanity was hidden under My care, so that her petitions in prayers and her non-stop beggings for mercy on mankind kept the hand of My Father from punishment of sinful humanity.   Being the link between the Earth and Heaven she worked closely with My Father in Heaven, in prayer and obedience; with My Mother in leading her and teaching her; she worked closely with My Saints in Heaven in prayer to save My Children of the world.   To-day I thank her, My beloved, chosen by My Father for her work for Me and humanity.                     On this day I + Bless all My Children of the earth with the Blessing of My Love, My Mercy!".


Bronia:'Thank You, my Lord.'