Message from Saint Patrick to the Polish Prophet on 17th March 2012. Lady Immaculate Church, Surbiton, England.  

Saint Patrick:"Bronia, I am Saint Patrick, Patron of Ireland. My countrymen today, all over the world, celebrate My Feast day.

Bronia you asked Me, in the Holy Mass to pray for Ireland - we have been praying for the conversion of all Irishmen, for they distanced themselves from the Faith of their Fathers, and so put God the Almighty in second place, endangering their souls.

They persecute even their Prophets and Visionaries, through whom God calls them to come back to the Faith.  And so they must come, before it is too late, for the Sovereign God, Judge of all people of the world is coming to seperate goats from sheep, to make a better world for His true Children. 

 As the Day of Reckoning IS UPON HUMANITY, I beg My countrymen to convert and live in Jesus Christ.   Pray and do penance, because Our Lord desires to save every Irishman."   

Bronia:'What Prayer must we say, so that all Irishmen be saved?'.   

Saint Patrick:"Bronia, Our Lord will give us to pray together."    

Jesus:"My dearest Jesus, Saviour Jesus Christ, save in Your Love and Mercy all Irishmen wherever they may be, and the Irish Land."    

Bronia:' Thank You, Lord Jesus for the Prayer, thank You Saint Patrick for The Message, do I have to give Your Message to Your People?'.  

 Saint Patrick:" Yes, Bronia, with The Prayer."