Message Given by Jesus to The Polish Prophet on Thursday 10th May 2012, in the Church of Lady Immaculate, Tolworth, England.

Our Divine Lord:"My Children of the world, your Beloved Jesus has a Message for you, through My Bronia.

She has been working at My side for some time in total obedience and prayers.

She brought all My Children, mitigating, through which My Father in Heaven withdrew the punishment of humanity.

Through the link of My Bronia with the Most Blessed Trinity, I made a Covenant for all humanity of My Mercy, My Love, My Suffering.

Thus through the Covenant of My Suffering, I Jesus Christ united the suffering of all My Children.

The Time of My Mercy, the Covenant to be fulfilled, is now.  

My Mercy is endless, and it is a Saving Hand for every child born.

My Mercy surrounds now humanity and My earth.

My Love for you is so great that It can do things for you that are impossible to fathom!

But My Children, I am your God, I need your love and homage as King of all creation and Saviour of humanity now."

Bronia:'Thank You my Lord for The Message.'