Message from Jesus Christ given to Polish Prophet at Holywell, Wales on Wednesday 16th November 2011.

"My dearest Children of the world, I would like to inform you of the dangers that you are in, in the present moment in the history of mankind.  

To rescue you from this great danger your Saviour is prepared to come, for the second time, as foretold in My Holy Book. 

My Father has completed His Holy Plans to rescue you from the darkness of evil and man.  

My Bronia today finished her mission, given to her by My Father, for the Day of My Coming.   

Do not worry, My Children of the world, your Merciful Saviour is victorious. You are all in the Bosom of My Eternal Father. 

Pray and sing thanksgiving to the Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit."   

 Your Jesus, Saviour of mankind.