Message of Jesus  to The Polish Prophet at Holywell. 30th January 2012.

"My Welsh Children, My Children of the World, I am telling you, I am Coming to earth to put the world's affairs right. To prepare humanity and its soul cleansed through confession to be ready to live in My Kingdom, through the intercession of My son St David, Patron of Wales, and the obedience of My Bronia. Of My Welsh Children, I have removed the dragon from the national flag of Wales, offering the Flag of The Lamb of God, through the prayers of My Bronia in the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David, in Cardiff. I Lord Jesus make it known to the people of Wales, to the people of the world, to announce the Era of Peace, where I Jesus Christ will rule as King for ever!  My Children of the earth, it is a Gift for you".     Jesus, Lamb of God, Saviour of humanity.