Message to the Children of the World

Given by Our Lord through His holy Polish Prophet in Holywell on 8th September, 2011.

"My Children of the World of the Last Era, your Saviour Jesus Christ speaks to you to tell you Good News.

I am Coming now, to save you from the depth of sin.  

The Plans of My Father for all of you are completed by the obedience on earth of My Bronia, who worked by My side, to fulfill our plans, by listening to Our every Word of Directon.   

Her faith, trust and love for all of My Children, her faithfulness to My Love for her, her obedience in humility and by prayers given her by her Jesus, saved the world from punishment of My Father.

 She, being the link between earth and Me, and between My Saints in Heaven, made it possible to bring Our plans to fruition.  

The gift of Confession of humanity before My Majesty is a merciful gift for all of My Children. 

 My Bronia has already given her Mission back to My Father, her Mission at My side to Me, and today, on the Feast Day of My Mother's Birthday, she placed her Mission of salvation of humanity into the Hands of My Mother of Czestochowa.

  Her Mission to work for St Michael the Archangel also is nearing completion. 

By this Message to all My Children, I thank you Bronia, and all My Children who worked for Me with her, and My Children Saints in Heaven, who prayed with her and My Children.   

MY DEAREST Children of the world, I appeal to you, accept your Saviour Who comes as a Merciful Judge to you, to gather you into My fold, to prepare you for Paradise, to Live in My presence.  Your Redeemer Loves you."   


Bronia:'I thank you, our Beautiful Saviour, for coming to us to save us.'