Message of Our Mother of Sorrows to the Polish Prophet on Tuesday 13th Sept 2011. Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. Westminster. London. 

" B., We accepted your prayer to the Holy Cross of The Redemptor. Through the Passion of My Son, came to earth the Redemption. The Cross of My Son led My Children to the Heaven of Life Eternal. The Cross of My Son was and is the only mainstay of man's life on earth. B., few people in this last era know about the Lord's Cross or believe in the resurrection of God's Saviour or trust the Cross of Mercy.  The Cross of Salvation of My Son is erased from the peoples hearts, deceived, taken away from children, yet no one can be saved without the Cross of My Son's Redemption.  The time has come, the Word of The Lord God is fulfilled. Saviour, the Light is coming to judge humanity before the end of the world. With His gift of mercy over the hurried humanity, He will show humanity the Sign of His Passion, of His Cross in the sky.  With this Holy Sign, He will fortell unbelieving humanity of His Coming.  The Holy Cross of the Saviour will be visible to everyone. The Light of God omnipotent will illuminate the sky and the earth. The human conscience of everyone and all together will be moved.  Humanity will awake from the sleep of sin. Fear will overtake all. Humanity will understand its sins, fall on its knees before the Cross of Salvation. At this time the Lord Jesus will show to everyone the sins of all his life and man must ask the Lord God for forgiveness and by penance repay for his sins." 

B:'My little Mother, how long will last the confession of each one?'  

Our Mother:"B., everything and everyone is in the Holy Hands of the Saviour. This time is the calling back of everyone and humanity to the Lord God."  

B:' Little Mother I thank You for this Miracle of calling everyone and humanity back to Our Father.'   

Our Mother:"B., for this Miracle we shall be asking by prayer...."

Jesus:"My dearest Jesus, I beg You to call everyone to return to the Lord God." 

B:'Thank You My Lord for the Prayer.'