(Canvey Island. England.)

Mary's House

Messages Given by Heaven

 through Mrs Nora Agnes Arthurs *01.02 1916   + 11.08.2011

 1984 - 2005

Mary Queen & Mother

The Messages

Volume I (PDF file)

Volume II (PDF file)

According to a decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, approved by HH Pope Paul Vl (14th Oct 1966) articles 1399 and 2318 of Canon Law were abrogated. Thus no Imprimatur is required for publishing Divine Revelations, Prophecies or Miracles.

"Accept, respond and follow through, before it is too late!" :  Our Blessed Queen, Mother, Mistress and Spouse.

Litany of Mary, Queen and Mother of the Children of the World. 

(Given by Our Blessed Mother 23rd June 1991)

Lord have mercy on us........repeat  

Christ have mercy on us.....repeat   

Lord have mercy on us......repeat   

Christ hear us......Christ graciously hear us.  

God the Father.......have mercy on us.  

God the Word......have mercy on us.

God the Holy Ghost....have mercy on us.  

Most Holy Trinity One God......have mercy on us. 

Mary Queen and Mother of the Children of the World....Pray for us  

Mary Queen of the Children of the World......Pray for us  

Mother of all the poor, lonely, lost, despaired....Pray for us 

Mother of Prayer, Priests and Religious......Pray for us 

Mother of Love, Hope of all.....Pray for us   

Mother to bring Joy to Prayers.....Pray for us 

Mother of Delight of all under Thy Mantle.....Pray for us 

Mother of Joy and Hope of all who pray......Pray for us

Mother Rose of all Thy love little flowers......Pray for us  

Mother Lily of Peace for all Thy Children.....Pray for us  

Mother Peace and Joy for all creation.....Pray for us 

Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world....Spare us O Lord

Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world....Graciously hear us O Lord 

Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.....Have mercy on us.  

Let us Pray    

O God Who hast Given to the Children of the World, Mary Queen and Mother in these times and forever, grant us all graces through Her that Thou desirest to bestow on all. Amen.+

Mary's House is now being rebuilt....... Prayers continue at other venues.

Message to The Polish Prophet from Nora Agnes Arthurs of Mary's House, U.K. Tuesday 11th June 2013.

Jesus:- " Nora will give a few words to The Prayer Group............."

Nora:- "Bronia, I have permission so that I could give these words to The Prayer Group led by (N....)

Thank you to all members of The Group who meet to Pray, remembering me in Prayers.

Also praying for England and the World.

My little House, Mary's House, before being sold, our Mother took It to Paradise. It is a gift for you, for your trust and obedience in praying with me on earth and now I in Heaven.

Bronia, soon, healed humanity from sin, will enter The Paradise.

Thank you Bronia for everything you do for England, see you soon in Paradise.

May Our Lord and The Blessed Mother bless you all and our Country.+"

The Secret of Mary


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Dawn of The Kingdom

The Host in the monstrance in a Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.
On 11th October 2014. in Werl/Germany Jesus appeared for a few minutes in The Holy Eucharist. One of the people present took this Photo


Words of Jesus and Mary.
"My people will experience My Presence in This Picture. Honour It and spend time in praying before It. My Eucharistic Presence is Here Real and Alive with This Picture. Honour and Respect It in your Homes like The Most Holy Sacrament. It is I, The Lord, Inflamed with Love for you, desiring and waiting to be also loved by you. I'm granting to all who Honour My True Image, great Blessings. Every Place where it is put up and Honoured will receive the fullness of Grace and Protection during the time of purification. I am with you! Truly I AM!".

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(to be continued)