Message of Jesus to 'My Prophet Bronia'

Given at Walsingham 30th July 2011

"My children of the world, the time has come, the date has been given to Me by My Father. My Bronia is finishing My last plans of My Father, to fulfill His Plans for the last era in the History of mankind.  My Children of the world, your prayers have helped your Saviour to come as a Merciful Judge, to judge you sinners. But also by My Mercy to forgive your sins, if you beg Me to forgive you in sincere contrition. Every man, woman and child will be judged of all his or her life. My Children of the world, sin cannot enter My Kingdom, beg Me now for forgiveness, I hear your every call, indeed your every sigh and keep in My Heart. I am your Saviour, I need all of My Children of the last era with Me and My Mother in Paradise.  I love everyone of you. My Children listen, follow your Lord, for I am able to give you everything in My Paradise."     Saviour Jesus Christ.