Message of The Blessed Mother to Father Stefano Gobbi.

 The Eucharistic Reign

The adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist will let us live in His Presence as in a new earthly paradise. Our Blessed Mother says:-  "The Coming of the Glorious Reign of Christ will coincide with the greatest splendor of the Eucharist. Christ will install His Glorious Reign in the Universal Triumph of His Eucharistic Reign that will develop in all its power and will have the capacity to change hearts, souls, persons, families, societies, the world's own structure. When He will have installed His Eucharistic Reign, Jesus will conduct you to experience a second, new and more beautiful earthly paradise. But in front of The Tabernacle your presence should not only be a presence of Prayer but also a communion of life with Jesus. Jesus is really present in The Eucharist because He wants to enter into a continuous communion of life with you.  When you go in front of Him, He sees you; when you speak to Him, He listens; when you entrust something to Him, He welcomes every word of yours in His Heart; when you ask, He always grants.  Go in front of The Tabernacle to establish a simple and daily life relationship with Jesus.  With the same naturalness that you seek a friend, that you trust people dear to you, that you feel the need of friends who will help you; go like that in front of The Tabernacle to look for Jesus!  Make Jesus your dearest Friend, your most trusted, most desired and most loved Person. TELL YOUR LOVE TO JESUS; repeat it often, because this is the only thing that makes Him immensely happy; you console Him for all ingratitude, you compensate Him for all betrayals, 'Jesus, You are our Love; Jesus, You are our Great Friend; Jesus, we love You; Jesus, we are in love with You'.     In fact the Presence of Christ in The Eucharist has above all the function to make you grow in an experience of real communion of love with Him, so that you never feel alone, with Him being down here in order to be with you.    Then you have to go in front of The Tabernacle to collect the fruit of prayer and of the communion of life with Jesus which will develop and mature in your sanctity.  Chosen sons, the more your life is spent at the foot of The Tabernacle in intimate union with Jesus in The Eucharist, the more you will grow in sanctity.  Eucharistic Jesus will become the Model and the Form of your sanctity. He will lead you to the pureness of heart, to chosen and desired humility, to living trust, to filial and loving abandon. Eucharistic Jesus becomes the new form of your sanctity that you will reach through daily and hidden sacrifice, by the continuous presence of Love towards your brothers, by a capacity to welcome suffering and crosses of everybody, in yourself, of a possibility to transform evil into good and to work profoundly so that souls, who have been entrusted to you, are lead by you to salvation.  For this reason, I say: THE TIMES HAVE COME WHEN I WANT YOU ALL IN FRONT OF THE TABERNACLE, above all you Priests who are the chosen sons of a Mother Who is always in an Act of perennial adoration and of incessant compensation.  Through you I want that the Eucharistic cult return to flower in all The Church in an ever more strong way.  Now this profound crisis of piety towards The Eucharist has to stop, that has contaminated all The Church and has been at the roots of much infidelity and of the spreading of a so vast an apostasy.   With all My chosen sons and with the Children Consecrated to Me, I put you in front of EVERY TABERNACLE OF THIS EARTH, to give you as a gift to Jesus, as the most precious jewels and the most beautiful and perfumed flowers.   The Heavenly Mother wants to bring Jesus, present in the Eucharist, an ever larger number of Her Children, because these are the times in which The Eucharistic Jesus has to be adored, loved, thanked and glorified by ALL.   My most loved sons, together with Jesus, Who in every Tabernacle is found in a continuous state of Victim for you, I Bless you in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost!".