The Eternal Father Speaks to all Nations

Message Given to Mrs Maureen Sweeney-Kyle. Ohio.USA. September 18th 2007.


According to a Decree of the Congregation for The Doctrine of The Faith, approved by HH Pope Paul Vl (14th Oct 1966) Articles 1399 & 2318 of Canon Law were abrogated. Thus no Imprimatur is required for Publishing Divine revelations, Prophecies or Miracles.

"I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as The Heart of God The Father and then I hear....."


"I AM THE ETERNAL FATHER - THE ETERNAL NOW.............Before time began - before I created time and space - I knew you. I knew what you would be doing in this present moment. I knew the sins you fell into. I know your weaknesses now. I LOVE YOU.

 The Message Given on The Feast of Sorrows proceeds from a troubled Heart of your Father. It is Given as a last alternative to Divine Justice in the face of the multitude of sin and error throughout the world.

  If all nations will listen - if Church leaders throughout the world will adhere to My wishes - the heart of the world will turn white with innocence once again. World leaders will be shown their mistakes and convicted of their errors. I even give you, O man, the leniency, that this Consecration does not need to be co-ordinated into a specific time frame. Rather, when you hear My Voice through this Message, accomplish My request. This is My Divine Will. I Speak to all churches - all governments - all ecclesiastics. Speak up thus for righteousness."                                


"Heavenly Father, in this present moment, which You have created and willed, I,___________________,(name) do hereby consecrate the heart of this country,_________________(name) to The United Hearts of the Holy Trinity, in union with The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen".

"If enough accomplish this and answer My Request, you will gradually see governments change their policies and finally the heart of the world will return to innocence!".

Deo gratias et Mariae Joseph.